What Was The Significance Of The Four Blood Moon

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The Significance of the Four Blood Moons Throughout many years people have been trying to predict the coming of Christ or even the apocalypse. The four blood moons is one of many appearances they will and have tried to predict these events with. The blood moons are a miraculous event created by God to remind us He is coming, and it represents major events in the life of God’s people. When this event occurs again don’t be afraid. For the blood moons are there even as a reminder to us that God is still in control. Many, many years have gone by since the last set of four blood moons. An occurrence of four blood moons is extremely rare. The most recent set of blood moons happened within the years of 2014-2015. This exact type is called…show more content…
For all of the signs that you have been warned by will happen. Many will try to deceive you in various ways, but don’t believe them. Most will fall from the Word of God and will try to pull you into the trap, but stand firm. The antichrist will come and do miraculous wonders on earth, but don’t believe him. When signs appear (blood moons or antichrist) you should be happy and in good spirits. Your God is still there and is reminding you He is coming for you. Until this time comes be thankful for the brothers and sisters I have provided for you. They are there to help you and guide you through your life. So no matter what stand firm in God’s Word, and thank Him that He has chosen you to be His child. I believe that all that is said to happen in the Bible is going to definitely be fulfilled. God does not tell us when it is set to happen, but we need to be ready. My opinion is that the apostasy is going to occur first. The apostasy is when people will be “falling away” from faith in Christ. This won’t be small, but extremely large. According to my estimates the event that will happen soon after is the antichrist will begin to show standing and action in the world. The antichrist is someone who will be on earth claiming to be Christ. He will even be “raised” from the
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