Four-Class Week

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I. Introduction:
The College of Coastal Georgia, is a college that focuses on their students and what is best for them, they do this by implementing new ideas. Their most recent idea includes going from five-day academic week to a four-day academic week. This changed took place during the Spring Semester, and there have been those who have expressed their like and dislike for this change. Which is why the questioned was asked: “What are the effects of a 4-day academic class week have on students, faculty, and staff at CCGA?” There are three focus groups involved in this research and those are; the students, faculty and staff. These three are the main focus, because changing the week doesn’t just affect the students, but others as well, and
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The study first starts by looking at the changes of a Texas college’s academic calendar versus the traditional academic calendar (Riley, B. E., & Clarendon Coll., T., 1979). The next part analyzes the responses of six of the seven Texas colleges utilizing the four-day week to an 18-item survey instrument (Riley, B. E., & Clarendon Coll., T., 1979). Overall the major advantage to the four-day is the energy saved, but the disadvantage is the longer work days (Riley, B. E., & Clarendon Coll., T.,…show more content…
Because block scheduling has become increasingly popular in the past decade, only a few researchers have investigated its effect on academic achievement. In this article, a study was conducted to determine the effects of block scheduling on academic achievement between 115 high school students who received instruction via a 4x4 block schedule and 146 students who received instruction via a traditional schedule. This article showcased the similar typed of schedule CCGA students are currently
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