Four Day School Research Paper

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Education is known as one of the most important things in the United States. Society should make everything in their power to provide students and teachers with extra time to make the best out of the education they’re given. As students, they don't always have enough time to do homework as most students do activities after school. Giving students and teachers one less day of school will allow students to do their work and for teachers to get things ready for the upcoming week. Four-day school is a great idea as it improves students attitude and grades, it leads to saving money, and it increases teachers preparation time.
To begin, Colby High School should change to a four-day school as it improves students attitude and grades. Most students have after school activities and have little to no time to do assignments and other projects. As well most students are involved in some type of competitive activity which usually makes them more exhausted by the end of the week. Having a four day school might allow students to sleep the hours needed to perform well during school. “Absences
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Teachers usually use their free time grading and preparing lessons for other days. Shana Myers explained to Cindy Long that “Working Saturdays wasn’t exactly our idea of a great way to spend our weekend - we all have families, errands, and household chores, not to mention grading”(2). Teachers, as well as students, need time to spend with their families and enjoy the little free time they have. “But now that Myers and her colleagues are on a four-day week, they use Fridays as their planning day”(2). This shows how changing into a four-day school benefits teachers by giving them more time to prepare and yet have time of their own. Teachers having extra time to prep for lessons but it's also said that kids having an extra day during the weekend can lead to them not remembering things from the week
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