Four Days in September

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Four Days in September captured the experience of Brazil during the 1960's very well. Mostly because the entire film was based on an actual event, but even relating it to Veloso's memoir and the music during that time it holds up to be pretty accurate. However, for entertainment purposes, or just that Bruno Barreto felt the need to, certain things in the film were left out. Things such as other social classes and the music scene in Brazil. In Veloso's memoir, he talks about the song of Tom Jobim entitled "Inutil paisagem" that describes the landscape of a park of Aterro do Flamengo. The song does not go into depths but the overall feeling of the landscape he describes goes along with the translated title of the song, "Useless Landscape". It is describing the scenery as something that could possibly be beautiful. The sky, moon, sun, and sea seem beautiful are wothy of seeing in this song. Although, there are so many other things Brazilians have to worry about as well as those living in the city life, that the landscape goes unoticed. This is where Four Days in September gets the experience of Brazil right. They show the city life of Brazilians in the film. They do not show the beaches, where the sea "goes far", or the moon that lights up the sky. They show the city life instead, those "who go to work" as described by Tom Jobim. No one in the film talks about the scenery of Brazil or what it has to offer. The filmmakers either purposely did this, or it goes to show you
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