Four Electric Ghosts, By Mendi And Keith Obadike, Begin

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Four Electric Ghosts, by Mendi and Keith Obadike, begin to shape the mold of the theme life after death. Each sister tells her own tale on her experience. Although there are four sisters not all of them connect the same as one another. Each sister shows their involvement in the story and how they grew from such place. M & K take the game Pac Man and rewrite a tale to go in to and connect to different pieces of the story. It demonstrates how everyone is on a timeline in their life, and prolonging death or life can be affected with consequences. Similarly, you can connect that to relief experiencing and research to go as far as saying the rewrote Pac Man in a whole different world. By looking for different ways to connect The story of Four…show more content…
Life after death is apparent here in many different ways, such as altering with a passed life can lead you into a position of doubt. The second and third sisters find themselves going through a similar yet different problem. The second sister becomes part of a community that soon realizes she is not who she said she was. She finds good friends and becomes comfortable where she is. After learning all the ways of the dead, she soon teaches her new friend the same too. Trusting a complete stranger was her first mistake, but this stranger took the secrets and used them against the town. By the time he was gone they banished her from their town called Flavorville. The ways of the dead must be secret for only those who have passed on, and trying to adjust it can lead to negative consequences.
The third sister fit in somewhere until she was recognized as not living. As she falls in love with someone alive, their mother soon sees death through her and goes crazy. Losing a son so suddenly, the mother takes her daughter away, no longer to be loved by the third sister until she too crosses over into the land of the dead. Both sisters learn here the penalties between living and dead and messing with them. The Last sister stares at death in the face and is changed dramatically. Little did she know she was being followed by a tornado of havoc, “Pac Man’. While

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