Four Function of Management

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Assignment 2: The effects of internal and external factors on four functions of management Introduction: In the world of management, there are many internal and external factors that affect the effectiveness and efficiency of management. For a management job, a manager has missions to deal with the following functions: Planning, organizing, influencing, and controlling. Hence, it is crucial for any managers to understand those factors clearly and comprehensively to conduct their jobs with expected outcomes. This paper will emphasis on how internal and external factors influence the four functions of management through the five factors, namely globalization, innovation, diversify, technology, and ethics. Moreover, this paper will take…show more content…
However, Target has shown a great level of globalized business outside United States. The first step started in 2005 when the company showed its appearance in India and Bangalore. This step was conducted through license agreements with customer service representatives and team service, or Internet support and technical support. Although claims that these activities could be considered as outsourcing, Target Corporation has been used a strategic planning process. According to Target (2005), globalisation is a hard step to go globe, which breaks a number of barriers which comes from difference in culture, political issues, economical circumstance and competition, to achieve the company’s target and provide the best service to its customers. In addition, the method of organizing its appearance abroad based on ethnocentric attitude, in which the management practices are based on mother company location, in this case is United Stated. Target only set up sale representative outside US and provide Internet support. This can maintains the management power of the company to its branches Target (2010). Diversify: Coming together with globalisation process is the diversify issue which affect the functions of management. Diversify is a popular techniques in modern management to reduce costs and risks which are related to regional risks such as political risk, exchange risk, operational risk and economical risk. Diversify can be conducted in operation or location.

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