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The Four Functions of Management within
Ginseg Regional Healthcare Systems
Henry Fayol, a 20th century mine owner, first coined term, "Four Functions of Management" to define a functional organization design, focused on essential skill sets. ("Four Functions of Management", 1999) Since then, processes, projects, teams, systems, and different specialisms, like Marketing and Human Resources have manipulated, added to, and overlaid these concepts. However, these four basic concepts are still at the core of managerial thinking, they are Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. Planning is concerned with the future impact of today’s decision. (Erven, n.d.) Planning, as a basic definition, is setting objectives, analyzing
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In developing an organizational structure and distributing authority, manager’s decisions reflect the mission, objectives and tactics that grew from the planning function. (Erven, n.d.) Thus, the next step in the Four Functions of Management is Organization. Organizing is establishing the internal structure of the business. The focus is on division, coordination and control of tasks and the flow if information within the company. Managers distribute responsibility and authority to job holders in this function of management (Higgins, 1994.)
GRHS’s structure is a direct example of this organizing process. It begins with the division of labor, delegation of authority, grouping of jobs (departmentation), span of control and coordination.
Division of labor is concerned with relationships among tasks and the authority to do the tasks. Delegation of authority is the ability to give authorized power of influence to a subordinate. Delegation frees the manager to use his or her time on high priority issues. However, it does not free the manager from accountability for the actions of the staff. This may include having a manger under the director of a department. Departmentation is the grouping of jobs under the authority of a single manager, according to some rational basis, for the purpose of planning, coordination and control. (Erven, 1990) Span of control is the number of people that a manager supervises. Coordination is the putting all of the

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