Essay on Four Functions of Management

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Four Functions of Management: Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling


Managers tend to have one of two basic problem-solving styles: systematic or intuitive. Systematic thinkers are logical and rational. They prefer narrow and focused problems, step by step processes, rules to be followed, and computer programs that grind to a recommendation. Intuitive thinkers are more comfortable with solutions that just "came to" them. Compared with systematic thinkers, for the intuitive thinker, data are less important, complexity is less bothersome, changing external and internal environments are expected rather than assumed away, and being more or less right is more important than being precisely wrong. (Erven, n.d.)

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and How to do? Planning is based on a logical or systematic way rather than hunch. Planning should produce a picture of our desirable future. We may have long term plans or what we desire to be in another five to ten years in future time. To achieve long term plans we must develop medium term plans for two to three years of duration. Still to achieve medium term plans we must prepare short term operational plans deciding what we should do on a day to day basis, to achieve our medium term plan and finally thereby achieve our long term plans.

Organizing - Mere planning will not help us achieve our objectives unless we organize things by allocating work to be done and resources among various people in a proper way so as achieving of our plans are made easy.

Leading - In management we deal mostly with humans than machines. Therefore to achieve our objectives we have to motivate and lead people who are relevant to achievement of our objectives. When we lead people, motivate them and constantly communicate with them, they will be interested in carrying out what had been allocated to them. Unless people are properly led they will not do the intended task. People need to be constantly motivated and directed to perform the intended task we expect out of them. Then achievement of our objective will be certain.

Controlling - Controlling, is that we

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