Four Groups of Microalgae

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Introduction: Microalgae are collection of single-celled or simple multi-cell microorganisms.They are aquatic organisms that survive in fresh water and marine environments. They are classifed in four groups (red, green, brown and diatoms microalgae).Microalgae are one of mainly significant plant in plants kingdom, it has high photosynthetic process. So, algae can be developed very fastly andits rate of reproduction is very high. Human can be used the algae in different fields of life such as energy source, food, fertilizers, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Aquaculture function and pollutions control. World research about better solutions to solve the waters pollutions problems. So microalgae cultivation is one of a better technology for wastewater treatment.
Wastewater is a broad term used to characterize the water with poor quality that have high quantity of pollutants and microorganisms.Water pollution is becoming a sever hazrd to survival of humanities. Industrial wastewater is greatly polluted that have very high amount of COD and inorganic nutrients. Untested dischager and insufficent treatment may direct to remarkable aquatic loss and consequent damage to the complete ecosystem.The textile industry is one of the rapidly developing industries and the number one polluter of clean water. It uses huge amount of water and generate high volumes of wastewater from various steps in the dyeing and finishing procedure. In excess to 80,000 tons of dyes utlize
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