Four Levels Of Measurements Are Important In Research

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. Provide examples of variable that are at the nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio level of measurement. Explain why. Levels of measurements are important in research. There are four levels of measurements, from lowest to highest: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio. Each of the four levels builds from the precious level, and one more element is added. Absolute Zero Equal interval Equal Interval Category Category Ranked Ranked Ranked Category Category Category Exhaustive Exhaustive Exhaustive Exhaustive Categories Categories Categories Categories…show more content…
When watching a football or a baseball game, the numbers are labelling the players, there is no value to the numbers. Other examples are the numbers on pool balls, gender and age. They are categorical without order. When we collect data, and gender is one of the variable, we assign #1 for females and #2 for males. The numbers are labels for the variables. At this level there is no zero point. Second is ordinal, at this level numbers matter, but the differences does not matter. An example of an ordinal level of measurement is a pain scale. You ask the patient to give a numerical value to their pain from #1 to # 10, 10 being their worst pain. Other examples are “degrees of coping, and levels of mobility” (Grove, S. K., Burns, N., & Gray, J. R., 2013) Third is the interval level of measure, at this level we can do mathematics with the numbers. There is still no zero point. A video by J. David Eisenberg on you tube, gave a great example, that I will share with you, the link will be provided in the reference section. J. D. Eisenberg stipulates the following: one person is 176 cm tall, the other is 170 cm tall, and it is evident that one is taller than the other, 170 cm + 6 cm = 176cm. Arithmetic is meaningful. The difference or interval is also
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