Four Major Cattail Species

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Cattail species are commonly found inhibiting shallow bays, irrigation ditches, lakes, ponds, rivers and both brackish and fresh water marshes. There are four major Typha species, among others, found in wetlands:Typha latifolia L. (Common cattail, Broad-leaved cattail),Typha angustifolia (Narrow-leaved cattail),Typha domingensis Pers. (Southerncattail, Santo Domingo cattail),TyphaglaucaGodr. (Blue cattail).T.latifolia and T. angustifolia are cosmopolitan species, T. latifolia is not found in central and south Africa. T. glauca, a hybrid of T. latifolia and T.angustifolia , is most common in North America and T. domingesis is foundin subtropical and tropical parts of Americas, Australia and Africa. The most common Typha species – T. latifolia
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