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Market Analysis Paper 1. Organization – Comcast 2. Four-Market Analysis External Labor Markets Comcast looks to attract, recruit, develop, and retain talented employees in the industry, from entry-level to senior-level positions, through a variety of recruitment methods and the offering of tangible and intangible benefits. To attract candidates in the external labor market, Comcast offers market competitive compensation that is based on local and national surveys. Comcast also markets their positions aggressively under the employer of choice motto and selectively recruits employees that fit well into the organization's customer centric culture. Internal Labor Markets Comcast has a very large and diverse employee population;…show more content…
1. Organization – Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) 2. Four-Market Analysis External Labor Markets Although the health care market is strong for medical workers who are in high demand, it can be a challenge for hospitals that are struggling to find qualified personnel, especially in the crowded medical area of Boston. BWH proactively challenges the high demand by offering a comprehensive flexible benefit program and competitive compensation. Salaries vary from position to position, but the hospital ensures they are always competitive with similar positions in other Boston area hospitals, and in many cases, they exceed those of area hospitals. The hospital uses strong advertising and media campaigns and looks to other labor markets such as educational programs, workers from other industries, and former employees. Internal Labor Markets BWH works to motivate its employees by making collaboration and teamwork the norm. While at work, physicians, nurses, technicians, staff and management often times form a close-knit bond, based on mutual respect and devotion to patient care. This altruistic environment is what helps keep employees that are interested in the field of healthcare devoted and passionate about their profession. BWH also offers a wide array of benefits, including a professional development program and a commitment to work/life balance. The hospital

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