Four Methods Of Job Design Essay

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Four Methods of Job Design Job specialization Job specialization is one of methods of job design. The basic idea of job specialization is to get the employee to stay on one specific task they are assigned do. As stated by Pride, Hughes and Kapoor, job specialization is the segregation of all the organizational activities into individual tasks and the allocation of different task to different people. (Pride, Hughes and Kapoor, 2013). For the HR management to perform job specialization they will first have to start on an organizational structure. Which is to determine each job, its purpose, and where it reports to in the organization. This will allow a company to execute proper operation procedures and will help company attain their aim. Benefits of job specialization include employee being able to master his task and quality control cost is also lower to due to specialization (, 2015) Job enlargement Job enlargement is another method of job design. The basic idea of job enlargement is, to give the employee a greater work load through a wide range of task performed at that level. According to…show more content…
Job enrichment basically means to expand the employees work by increasing the range and intricacy they are told to complete. According to Koontz, what job enrichment does is to inject into jobs, more challenge and accomplishments (Koontz, 2010). One of the positive outcome of job enrichment is employees are more motivated. This is because, with the company giving them the chance to grow and upgrade themselves through job enrichment, they feel more motivated knowing they are advancing. The task they are enforced with are made easy due to the increase of skills level for the employee. However there are also it's limitations. Most of the employees do not want the type of challenge or responsibility that it handed to them. After all, it is basic human tendency to want to walk away from a responsibility (,
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