Four Research Methodologies

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Professor: Robert Smith
Graduate Research Methods
Phase 3 Discussion Board
Research Methodologies

Being in this business as a researcher, you must stay focus at all times, and at this time we must concentrate on the design strategies for each of the research methodologies. It must include everything that can help to produce a positive research, elements of inquiry, research approaches, and overall design of the research being conducted. We have to determine all the different types of research methodologies that are used in doing research. We must realize the importance of integrating the different method types so that we can continue to construct precise, decisive, and fitting data. As we get into the
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Observation methods can be seen as being structured or unstructured, disguised or undisguised and also natural or contrived. The major methods that are connected with observation contain personal or robotic observation. Dealing with matter, audit, and trace analysis, just like surveys, there are both advantages and disadvantages to retaining observational methodology. Researchers also collect Quantitative data thru the use of experimental design, actually, Casual Design surrounding investigation are suitable for supposing cause-and-effect relationship. Experimentations have restrictions in relations of time, cost, and administration, but they are rapidly becoming progressively popular in marketing. Casual is most suitable to consider when developing research projects for the organization and allowing experiments. On the other hand determining a research design concurrently decides the types of data that can be attained. In doing casual design, there are two types of data operated in resolving the research problem, primary data and secondary data. Primary data is collected specifically to deal with the problem at hand and can either be qualitative and quantitative in character. Secondary data in additionally are data that were collected for other functions, the researcher should then
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