Four Seasons Case Study

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Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Four Seasons is a Canadian-based company that manages an international portfolio of luxury five-star hotels and resorts.
The brand which has become a byword for comfort and service started out with a modest motel in Toronto.
The turning point came 10 years later in 1970, when the group opened its first overseas hotel in London.
The success of this hotel set the future course for the company. It prompted a shift in focus towards medium-sized properties of exceptional quality offering personalised service around the clock.
In the early 1990s, a second shift in focus saw Four Seasons start to move from hotel ownership towards management contracts.
The group has three main
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Forsyth, impressed by Sharp's instant success with the motor hotel, didn't hesitate in providing the money. Despite its location, Sharp's second hotel was also successful, and the area he had chosen for the 569-room resort hotel quickly grew into a sprawling corporate suburbia.
Growth Abroad in the 1970s
Next, Sharp sought to establish a hotel overlooking London's historic Hyde Park. In doing so, he ignored market research indicating that a new luxury hotel in that location would have trouble competing with such established first class hotels as the Dorchester, Claridge, and Savoy. Sharp opened his 227-room Inn on the Park in 1970. Despite its higher rates and the overcrowded market, the Inn on the Park enjoyed a 95 percent occupancy rate and became one of the most profitable hotels in the world. Its small size, luxurious appointments, and impeccable service were all elements that had become Sharp's personal trademark.
In the early 1970s, Sharp began developing hotels in smaller, less urban areas. He opened an inn in Belleville, Ontario, whose population was 35,000, and spent a year operating a resort in Nassau. Shortly thereafter, he built a luxury condo hotel in Israel that was marginally profitable but experienced difficulties maintaining staff, owing largely to the Israeli draft for military service. Plans for hotel projects in
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