Four Seasons Goes to Paris

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A. What has made Four Seasons successful over the last 30 years? A number of main factors have contributed to the success of Four Seasons over the last 30 years. To begin with, Four Seasons has had an exceptional management team and structure that has had the ability to deliver and maintain its highest and most consistent service standards at each property in a cost-effective manner. These top managers were all world citizen, which means that they are able to act as the local citizens in any country around the world; for example, Italian in Italy, French in France. They were very professional, not pretentious, detail oriented, interested in people, and compassionate. Also, excuses were not tolerated, and customer service would be provided…show more content…
Their service culture is also about putting what they believe into practice. They only offer experiences of exceptional quality. Their objective is to be “recognised as the company that manages the finest hotels, resorts and residence clubs wherever we locate”. They believe in having a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in what they do. Because satisfying their guests depends on the united efforts of many, they are most effective when they work together cooperatively, respecting each other’s contribution and importance. Also, the company’s legendary service is also ingrained in Four Seasons’ corporate culture. There is certainly evidence of the customer service value in stories and legends. One story recounts an incident in which rock star Rod Stewart called Four Seasons staff while he was a guest to find someone to play the bagpipes in his suite. The employees were able to find a willing bagpipe player, even though Stewart phoned in the request at midnight. Besides, they believe Hotel’s culture is embodied in the general manager. In France, people typically referred to each other as Monsieur and Madame with their last name. However, Four Seasons support a more direct, relaxed, and straightforward relationship between staff and mangers. Thus, Le Calvez, general manager of the F.S. George V and recently appointed regional vice president, encouraged the use of the first name. This is better because it creates a
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