Essay Four Seasons Goes to Paris

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Four Seasons Goes to Paris Case Study

Brad Knudsen
Dr. Mill
May 29, 2012

1) What was good/bad about the way Four Seasons entered the French/Paris market? Why do you say this?

Four Seasons is a globally renowned hotel company recognized for its luxurious diversity, and emphasis on customized service. The company has 270 core worldwide operating standards that are congruent across all properties. However, along with their globally uniform standards, they do an excellent job of integrating the local culture into each property. For example, a guest will always receive a message on time, have clean room, and enjoy a great meal. But an Italian concierge has his own style and flair, while in Turkey or Egypt, the guest
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Furthermore, by entering the French market, managers were now becoming French employers, which requires a thorough understanding of French labor laws, business culture, and national idiosyncrasies. Fortunately, Four Seasons was very aware of restrictions, terminations processes, and the 35 hour work weeks. These were all aspects of the operation that were much different from what the company was generally used to, but carried a positive outlook in embracing these policies. However, their Canadian roots, which have attributes of a welfare state, made it easier for them to deal with such a context. Also, the decision to appoint Didier Le Calvez as the general manager of the revamped George V was a great way to take advantage of the cultural change. He was described as demanding and "Franco-Francais," an expression describing someone as "unequivocally French." Additionally, Le Calvez brought extensive Four Seasons and North American experience. The diversity of his experience and attributes made hime an excellent fit to help tiptoe into the market. The proper choice of senior leadership is absolutely critical to success. Le Calvez embodied the hotel's culture and was fully aware of Four Seasons values and operational goals. Therefore, he was capable of sensitively implementing the Four Seasons ideals, which may have been completely foreign to the French employees. He
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