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Four Seasons Goes to Paris:
53 Properties, 24 Countries, 1 Philosophy

Four Seasons is the world’s leading operator of luxury hotels and resorts. They are well known not only in the U.S. but they are a huge international hit. They have been successful over the last thirty years because of their strengths of diversity and originality. Four Seasons does not want to be a globalization of markets like McDonald’s, where everyone is the same. They are not a “cookie-cutter company.” This is a great tactic to have because then you would not be such a high class hotel and resort. Also, when you go international you have to be in touch with all of the cultural changes which can make or break your business. They have done an exceptional job
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“Despite the success of four seasons, approach and philosophy, management knew that entering France would be a challenge.” I feel that how they entered was perfect. They entered in a very powerful manner by deciding to manage the George V which is right in the middle of the French capital and is the “highest possible quality asset in the best location.” They basically came in and took over and told everyone how it is going to be run. They did respect a lot of the working hour rules, and the hours by a window rules and stuff like. I really liked the aspect that they kept the hotel running like it always has been even though in France they do things a lot differently with customer service. It was good that they hired depending on the attitude. “What we need is people who can adapt, either to guests from all over the world or to operating a variety of countries.” I like this because it says that the workers need to adapt to the guests no matter where they are from because that is how the four seasons does it. If they would of came into this situation any different, I feel that they would have been pushed out and the hotel would of turned bad. They only bad thing I can come up with is that they did change a lot of the culture around because the French are different on their customer service than Americans. They are
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