Four Stages of the Transformational Learning Process

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Transformational Change Describe the four stages of the transformational learning process, using the textbook as a source. The text provides a pragmatic, practical definition of the four stages of the transformational learning process, including how this process can be iteratively used to create long-term change both in a person's life and in organizations. Each of the four stages when linked together form an ecosystem that continually delivers insights into how an individual and organization can transform themselves based on insights and lessons learned. The first phase of Visioning is the one focused on creating and structuring long-term goals for success. The Visioning step of the transformational learning process also must take into account the inherently iterative nature of this process, allowing for a continual regeneration and inclusion of lessons learned. From this perspective, the first step in the transformational learning process, must be inherently open in structure and scope to allow for continual improvement. The transformational learning process initially appears to be a closed ecosystem, yet each of the four phases must be easily modified to reflect external needs and evolving internal strengths of people and organizations if it is to be effective. The second phase of the transformational learning process is Acquiring. This can be defined as the acquisition of both tacit and explicit knowedlge, both from the experiences of the individual and the
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