Four Star Industries

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Four Star Industries:
Problems faced by the firm
Four star Industries private Limited is a mattress manufacturing company in Singapore specialized in Pocketed spring mattresses.
Competition in Mattresses industry stirred up multiple problems to Four Star. To sustain the competitive pressure and match customer’s demand, company increased mattress models from 13 to 230 within few years.
This remedial measure to withstand competition aggravated the problems by slowing down the production process, increased inventory cost and complicated order fulfillment process.
Four star distribution is heavily dependent on Dealers. Increased competition empowered dealers who dictated terms to Four Star with respect to inventory, models and order
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Current: 4 departments at Kellang: Spring unit  Quilt Unit  assembly  warehousing - Order
Proposed: Spring unit  Quilt Unit Order - assembly  delivery
Order fulfillment: Standardizing the order lead time and process and communicating the same with LDs and SDs. Having different lead times for SDS and LDs. Forward integration with dealers/ Retailers and backward integration with spring, foam and quilt suppliers for collaborative planning, forecast and replenishment will
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