Four Steps Towards Strategic Agility in Schneider Electrics

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Four Steps Towards Strategic Agility Core Competencies: The Core-competencies of Schneider Electrics are Low Voltage Circuit Breaker, Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers, Industrial Control and Automation. Below mentioned are the four steps which Schneider Electric Industries should follow in smart cities to become Strategically Agile in future. Step 1 - Business Intelligence Software: - In today's world any multinational organization needs to be efficient, scalable and easily expandable, in its working style. Many of the business are fast moving and alterable, implying BI tools in order to accomplish the goals can do this. Implying a new BI tool is an effort of months or it can be a never-ending stream too, for user requests and maintenance. Once the software is installed, anyone can connect to data with a click and create interactive, analytical dashboards. BI tools help you to move forward and not hold you back. These tools provide companies’ reliable information and true insights in order to improve the decision-making, collaboration and produce better company results. It helps organizations to better understand how things are going and eventually where things might go wrong. The multi-row tables and datasets can now be evaluated directly on the database – without performing interim steps of aggregation. It helps the organization to: 1) Make fact-based decisions without neglecting the intuitions of experienced employees. 2) Easy monitoring, reporting of your

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