Four Theories Of Motivation

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Over the past years different theories on motivation have been developed. These theories reach different conclusions on what motivate employees in their workplace. Job satisfaction, motivation, and reward systems are included in one area of organizational theory. A review of the classical literature on motivation reveals four major theory areas:
1. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs;
2. Herzberg's Motivation/Hygiene (two factor) Theory;
3. McGregor's X Y Theories; and
4. McClelland's Need for Assessment Theory.
Maslow states that people are motivated by unmet needs which are in a hierarchical order that prevents people from being motivated by a need area unless all lower level needs have been met. Herzberg states that satisfaction and dissatisfaction
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Maslow`s Hierarchy of Needs has often been represented in a hierarchical pyramid with five levels. The four levels (lower-order needs) are considered physiological needs, while the top level of the pyramid is considered growth needs. The lower level needs must be satisfied before higher order needs can influence behavior. Maslow`s Hierarchy of Needs is a motivational theory in psychology that argues that while people aim to meet basic needs, they seek to meet successively higher needs in the form of a pyramid. Nowadays this theory of motivation is still being…show more content…
Our company organizes different activities which create a sense of community via team-based projects and social events during the year for the employees. Such as seminar ‘Employee engagement Workshop’ every year. It would be held outside the organization premises with the aim to continue building team work among our employees. Moreover our department every now and then organize a night out so we can meet in a more social and friendly atmosphere environment where we can get to know each other better and build a friendly relationship.
When a good social network is in place, the employee then looks for a feeling of self-esteem. When an employee do a good job it is very important that it would be noticed, given a positive feedback and if necessary give also reward. In our company used to send e-mails and also fix papers on notice board to say thank you and also to inform the employees with the success of the organization as the management believe that the success of the whole organization achieved is due to the contribution of each and every employee. In this way the employees feel that their work is appreciated and

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