Four Types of Crimes

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Crime #1 – Murder – From Child Star to Alleged Killer
1. Physiognomy theory states that human behavioral characteristics have external physical manifestations (Understanding Crime: Essentials of Criminological Theory, pg 95, Unit 3). What does this mean exactly? Physical manifestation happens through detachment. Detached from your goal and not thinking about, the physical manifestation will be in process and eventually take place ( Could this have happen to Skylar? Skylar is a young man in his 20’s, who has been acting since a child. His career came to end in his early 20’s when he wasn’t able to remember his lines. He joined US Marine Crops for a brief time, 15 days to be exact. Skylar was physical and sexually abused from this drug addicted father. Skylar Deleon is saying that he had a poor social treatment. Due to the poor social treatment he, his wife Jennifer and two other friends handcuff the Hawks to the yacht anchor and sent them hurtling to their deaths in the ocean. Skylar couldn’t take that he wasn’t a child star anymore. It was a detachment that he couldn’t come to terms with. Biochemical is that humans are cauldrons of biological chemicals, many of which are susceptible of external influences and internal disturbances or imbalance (Understanding Crime: Essentials of Criminological Theory, pg. 96, Unit 3). Skylar is a young adult who couldn’t cope with not working in the show biz. He needed a balance.
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