Four Types of Organisational Structure

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page I. Introduction 3 II. Functional Structure 4-6 III. Geographical Structure 7-9 IV. Product Structure 10-12 V. Matrix Structure 13-15 VI. Conclusion 16 VII. References 17 INTRODUCTION Organisational is a key element in a process of management. It is a system of structural relationship, all the way through which people under the path of managers, track their general goals. Members of an organisation require steady, perceptive structure within which they can work together toward organisational objectives. Organising is therefore the method by which an organisation…show more content…
Since the every business units in structure workout in similar background, it might cluster the processing of the papers together and highly improving the knowledge sharing between co-workers. Sharing knowledge make the organisation more productive and competitive where the experience personals such as managers often coaching and mentoring the less experience personals of each units through seminar or workshop. Functional structures produce clear career hierarchy organisation members to go after. Managers within a functional structure are generally skilled within their particular unit. They were hiring to lead the units due to their tremendous performance. These managers have a better-quality skill level that facilitate make their profession easier and makes them better capable of to monitor the individual act of their team members to allocate credit, rewards and penalty accordingly. A functional structure may draw some setbacks to organisation. It controls people and assets and build up core competences. As a company develop and becomes more difficult, each function tries to retain the company’s situation. Increased order may strain manufacturing to manufacture products quick enough or in sufficient capacity may lead to control problems. When control problems arise, it also strains the situation in evaluating the cost and contribution of each function. Other drawback is communication problem. Poor communication occurs
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