Four basic models of the BGS relationship

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Executive summary Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd is a commercial bank of Bangladesh. The Bank was established under the Bank Companies Act 1991 and incorporated as a public limited company under the Companies Act 1994 in Bangladesh with the primary objective to carry on all kinds of banking business in Bangladesh. It is one of the fast growing leading online banks in private sector. This is a descriptive report on Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. that mentions the activities of General Banking, On-line banking and corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the bank. The bank is established jointly by local Bangladeshi parties spearheaded by M Sahabuddin…show more content…
6. Findings: By investigate about CSR of Dutch-Bangla Bank; I’ve to know about their regular CSR activities. DBBL’s Corporate Social Responsibilities are- 1. In Education sectors, 2. In Health sectors, 3. In Social Welfare. 6.1 In Education DBBL is providing scholarships to students, especially for those who cannot continue their study due to financial constraint as well as to the meritorious and needy students every year since 2003. The bank awards around 300 new scholarships of Tk. 1,000 per month every year along with continuing scholarship for those studying at HSC level. The Graduation level scholarships of Tk. 2,000 per month are renewable for their entire academic period of graduation level. DBBL has decided to award financial support to SSC and HSC students this year. According to the official data revealed by Bangladesh Bank, DBBL spent more than Tk 172 million in various CSR activities in 2011. Dutch-Bangla Bank awarded scholarships to meritorious but needy students including physically disabled students who passed HSC Examination in 2010 and studying at graduate level. The Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL) also decided to donate Tk 9.73 crore to Dhaka University (DU) for establishing a research centre on the university campus. The DBBL Board of Directors in its 77th meeting decided to donate the money for constructing an 11-storey research centre ‘Dutch-Bangla Bank Centre for Advanced
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