Fourfold Parallelism

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One scholar writes that Luke 6:27-36 “provides direction for the disciples in coming along with the plan of God in this time when the fulfillment of God's eschatological purposes begins”. (Nolland 292) By saying this, Nolland is implying that this passage is strictly used as a messenger to relay the direction, and actions God wants of his people, and disciples. When reading Luke 6:27-36, oe may be able to pick up on the parallelism that is laced throughout the text. Nolland writes in Word Biblical Commentary “ there is a fourfold parallelism which subdivides into two paralleled pairs.” And then goes on to write “The same is found in vv 29-30”. Later in the text he also states that “ there is a threefold parallelism in vv 32-34.” (Nolland 293)
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