Fourteen Year Old Research Paper

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What to a fourteen year old is an education? It depends on the fourteen year old you ask. Some fourteen year olds don’t even have a chance to have an education. Some don’t even care. Though they may have the intelligence, they don’t have the money or their culture may not even allow it. In some countries, a fourteen year old is getting married at this very moment. To this fourteen year old, it means almost everything. Her mom works two jobs just to feed her family and pay the rent. She needs her education to get scholarships when it comes time for college.
A fourteen year old goes through phases of their life trying new trends and messing around with technology and people believe they’re not smart or wasting their life away when in reality, it makes us smarter. We learn new things and teach them. By doing so, it helps us understand what we want to be in life, so we can go out there and be the best we can be. There’s probably a boy with two parents that care a whole lot more about his education than he does because he has to be “perfect”. Some teenagers have to rely on what they’ve been given. Some kids don’t care because they have families with connections and can pay everything for them while we have to work it off. What to a fourteen year old is an education? Ask the twenty-five of us and I guarantee
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I’m just simply telling you about what education is to us. What is an education? According to Google it means “The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.” Now what is an education to a fourteen year old? It’s simple. It’s a ticket to achieve our dreams. If you were to look at us, one of us will be a doctor, a waitress, or even a teacher. The answers to the question may or may not be similar, maybe not even accurate, but if you asked us to place education on a number line between one and ten, it would probably be between seven and
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