Fourth Century Christianity Research Paper

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Christianity is one of the oldest religions. It began in Roman Palestine when Judaism was the political religion of the Roman State. The first major event of Christianity was the birth of it all, the birth of Jesus. During Jesus’s time, Judaism was characterize by strict monotheism. So, when a man comes forth claiming He is the God and essentially the son of God, the Christian movement first began. He was inevitably crucified due to treasons of claiming He was God. However, He had twelve disciples that followed Him. After Jesus’s death, they scattered about and taught the word of God. This lead to the growth of Jesus followers, who were soon called Christians.
Naturally, Christians still were being persecuted outside of the Church. This lead to a second major turning point in Christianity. In the fourth
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However, the cultures and politics between the West and East were so different that it lead to the divide between the two. This progressed to the third turning point in Christianity. In 1054 AD the Patriarch of Constantinople, the leader of the Eastern Church, condemned Pope after being excommunicated. The Christian Church was then divided into Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox. Because of this rift, it left many people questioning the authority of the Pope. The final major turning event of Christianity was the Reformation. Western Christians began to publicly challenge aspects of the church. They spoke against the abuse of authority and corruption in Christian leadership. They called for a return to the gospel and a stripping off of traditions and customs like purgatory, the cult of the saints and relics, and the withholding of the communion wine from all believers. Reformists began to translate the Bible into the common languages of the people. When Martin Luther posted ninety-seven complaints against the Catholics on a Church door, a revolution began. This lead to the many branches of Christianity we have
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