Fourth Grade Classroom Analysis

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There are several factors that influenced my planning and teaching when creating this lesson segment for my fourth grade class. There are several factors that I had to consider about my students by knowing what they are capable of doing and not able to do. In order to consider the academic development of my students I had to take these factors into consideration: out of the 26 students in the class, seven students are English language learners, seven proficient English speakers, and six redesignated English Speakers The majority of these students come from Spanish speaking homes and are reading below grade level. Given the information I have about my students, my choices of instructional strategies, materials, and the sequences of the learning tasks reflect the student’s backgrounds, interests, and needs in various ways. Taking all of these factors…show more content…
The use of various SDAIE strategies will be incorporated, including but not limited to speaking slowly, providing individual assistance, and scaffolding. The SDAIE strategies are helpful for all the students in the class because most of the students come from Spanish speaking homes and they struggle with the language. In order to provide extra support to ELs, I designed the lesson segment with lots of group work and pair sharing, which is very helpful for ELs, because it allows them to participate and become engaged with the content versus having to work alone. These accommodations for learning and assessment tasks provide students with access to the curriculum and allows the students to demonstrate their learning through a variety of modalities. The lesson segment was created with multiple learning styles in mind. Thus, much of the material will be presented orally, visually, and kinesthetically to help all students understand the material in their own
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