Fourth Of July Essay

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The Fourth of July in Sterling, Kansas is a time celebration, reunion, and blowing things up. Since the town will be booming with people, TNT Dairyland has to be on top of it’s game. I have been a star employee for three years. Many employees have come and gone, but I know that I am Bim Trewer’s favorite! He has recently hired a few new people, Macy, my classmate, being one of them. I am hesitant to work with her, because she is a lazy student and never on time. She goes running around with her stupid pink nails thinking everyone loves her. It will be my goal this summer to out-shine all the other employees and finally get the recognition I deserve. “As you all know, the Fourth of July is next week and we will be very busy.” Bim Trewer stated at a work meeting. “I have come up with an idea to motivate everyone to work harder and to reward the best employee. Tomorrow, the person who makes the most tips will get a $1.50 raise.” My ears perked up at the word raise. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, Bim will finally recognise me for my hard work. I fell asleep that night and dreamt of…show more content…
It came time for the store to close and Macy had a small frown plastered on her face. She knew I had won and it felt good to beat her. I walked over to the ice cream machine, to clean it for the night. As I was cleaning the lever, I heard a small crackle. Before I could blink, the machine gushed melted, sticky vanilla ice cream all down me. The cold seeped through my shirt and ran all the way to my feet, landing in a puddle. In the midst of my mess, I almost didn’t notice the pink polish on the broken lever. Macy was behind this, but what did this accomplish for her. I already had more ––MY TIPS! I shoved my hands down in my apron and grabbed my tips, turning my nose up at the squishy texture. All of my tips were one sticky, wet pile of non-legible dollars. I ran out of the store before I could do something I’d regret
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