Fourth Practice Session Reflection

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The following paper will discourse my overall valuation of the fourth practice session for this course. I will discuss my strengths and weakness that I observed from the taping. Through this taping, I will evaluate to see if I used the skills and techniques that we have discussed in this course so far. Through this whole evaluation of the fourth practice taping, it will guide me and push to make the improvement when it comes to my counseling skills and methods. The last thing I will do in this paper discusses the things I need to improve on and do better for the next practice counseling sessions. Now that we know where this paper is headed, let's first look at some of the strengths that I noticed from the taping. The first thing I noticed from the taping as it relates to my strengths is…show more content…
I need to sit back and listen more closely to what the client is saying and then jump in and continue the conversation. The second one is not defining the goals. During the beginning of the session, I didn’t discuss with the client what were some of the goals that she wanted to accomplish when it comes to the problem that is before her. I think that I needed to discuss with her the goals she wanted to accomplish a lot earlier in the session so that the conversion will be effective. The third weakness was asking questions; I’m struggling in this aspect because I observed that I still ask a lot of questions in the session. I do a lot more paraphrasing and summarizing instead of questions lot more than past sessions, during this session, from looking over this taping there was one question after another, this is something I need to beware of and use techniques like rephrasing and encourage in a way that it’s not a
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