Fox Farming Speech : An Overview

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Fox Farming Speech: Introduction: “If we can 't be cordial to these creatures ' fleece, I think that we deserve to freeze.” This poetic quote by Marianne captures the view that I take upon the topic of fur farming. Some of you may ask, what is that? Well, fur farming is basically the manufacturing of fur coats, using the skin of millions of foxes, minks, and other furry creatures, that live on the fur farms. OK. Imagine yourself cramped in a cold and dark wire cage. No food, no water, living in this filthy place your whole life. For you, this is home. Then, one day, you are suddenly ripped from your cage, endlessly beaten to death, and excruciatingly skinned alive, followed by a stabbing electrocution through the anus. You are then tossed like garbage into a pile with others who had suffered the same fate. This is how horrific the fur industry is and unfortunately, this kind of thing happens to foxes on a daily basis. All in the name of fashion. But why should we care? Using the power, I have learnt about the condition of foxes and the production of fur coats, and I feel that it not only affected me emotionally, but it affects ALL of us physically as well. Reasons: #1: Although fur clothing can last for a long time, it requires high-maintenance. The effort and cost in order to keep fur clothing in shape is very high. You may take interest in such fashion, but the expense can be deadly for the wallet. It can take a lot of time just to clean and trim the fur. Cleaning an

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