Foxconn: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd.

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Many big names are listed on Foxconn’s clients’ list, such as Apple, Cisco, Dell, and Nokia. According to a report, Foxconn has become the world largest electronics contractor manufacturer, and it is the third richest information technology company by calculating its revenue each year . As a manufacture company, Foxconn’s story is a huge success. They provide thousands of job opportunities in different regions in the world every year; their increasing revenues contribute to the growth of GDP (Gross Domestic Production) in multiple countries. Because of Foxconn’s manufacturing system, consumers enjoy using the fabulous technological productions by paying affordable prices and replacing for new productions in a much shorter period of time. However, the inside story of Foxconn is not as beautiful as what they show on the surface. The founder, Terry Guo believes in concentrated managerial strategy within his business. Foxconn is a Fortune Global 500 company that is registered in Taiwan. Terry Guo ambitiously spreads his business globally. He establishes branch operation center in Mainland China, Brazil, Europe, and so on. Furthermore, in Mainland China, Foxconn own 800,000 employees, and 420,000 of them work in Shenzhen, Guangdong Providence. According to the description, Foxconn is a highly international company, which makes the public assume it has a diversity view on…
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