Foxconn Technology Group : Foxconn 's Workers Essay

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Foxconn Technology Group, headquartered in Taiwan, is nowadays the world’s largest company which manufacturing and assembling the high-tech electronics. As the principal manufacturer of products and components for Apple, “Foxconn has been entwined with Apple’s success” (Chan, 2013). In 2015, the company produced more than fifty percent of world production of technological products and employed over 2,350,000 workers (Christos, 2015). The production capacity of the company has not only created a number of employment opportunities but also led to a great contribution to world’s economy. However, since 2010, Foxconn has been involved in controversies after the publication of date in the media on suicides of Foxconn’s workers. Since then, civil society and media zoomed in on Foxconn and began to report its worse working conditions, low wages and excessive overtime work arrangements (Business Week, 2010). In response, Foxconn pledged to implement reforms and Apple set up a group to audit the factory conditions (Christos, 2015). Nevertheless, it seems significant problems remain when The Wall Street Journal reported another two deaths of Foxconn Employees this year. This report raises the question of did Foxconn effectively improve its cooperate social responsibility? And, should Apple be more responsible for its labor conditions. The success of Foxconn epitomises the development of China’s export-oriented industry. In the late 1970s, China set up special economic zone to attract

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