Foxconn 's Good Reputation Associated With Foxconn

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Abstract In recent years, Foxconn has been the target of numerous news scandals targeting wages, employee benefits, and working conditions. With every news scandal that broke out, Foxconn was put at risk of losing their largest contractor, Apple. In an attempt to clear the bad reputation associated with Foxconn, Apple enlisted the help of the Fair Labor Association to audit the factory and produce a report which monitors Foxconn and aims to hold them accountable for their actions. The FLA went in to survey the workers and publicly report their findings to the public. The results were enough to silent allegations of misconduct. The report proved wages were increased, employee benefits were found to be more than sufficient, and employees were found working in favorable conditions. Foxconn has shown impressive progress but ultimately, the issues are complex and will take time to fix.

Imagine waking up before the sun, working a twelve hour shift in a factory that employs hundreds of thousands only to return home and repeat the cycle (Chang, 2010), a life of eternal darkness. This is the perception western media has spoon-fed to American citizens. However, in reality, Foxconn--the victim of labor scandals in recent years--is a safe haven that shields its workers from the hardships of living in a developing country. Foxconn acts as a lifeline to countless factory workers by putting food on the table with raised
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