Foxesandthings: Foxes And Their Mythology

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FoxesAndThings is the small business I've always dreamed of. At age 11, I discovered foxes and their mythology. Japan’s fox lore intrigued me such as the rice and fox god Inari, fox fire/kitsune-bi, their ability to protect others from demons, and much more. I decided to craft characters based on foxes because of their extremely meticulous mythology. In 2014, Foxesandthings Etsy was created, and features crafts based on foxes and Japanese folklore.

This shop was part of an Experiential Learning Opportunity (ELO) for my online English 2 high school course. I devised the course with the assistance of teachers who directed me through the entire process. Research papers were an immense component of the project, and some of them were published
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