Frac sand

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Frac sand mining has become a booming business. Frac sand is also known as silica sand has many uses and has recently had a major spike in demand. The silica sand industry recent increase from demand has come from the new oil/natural gas extraction process hydraulic fracturing commonly known as “fracking”. This new demand for more silica sand, and more silica sand mines has many benefits economically but is also facing strong resistance. As the more and more mines continue to develop among our region in the Midwest more questions are being asked. Silica sand is made up of very pure quartz. Silica sand can be found in granite, gneiss, and sandstone. The grains of silica sand can range in sizes from 2.38 millimeters to 105 microns. The…show more content…
(Dolley, 2011) According to Wisconsin’s center for investigative journalism, there are currently 131 mining sites that have been permitted or proposed in Wisconsin. All of this mining has caused some concern from many people in the area. Concerns about health risks, traffic, and property value are at the top of the list. With 65% of the sand being transported to its destination by truck, there is much concern of the noise from the trucks near homes and businesses, as well as the impact that all of the traffic could have on the roads. (Dolley, 2011) Silica sand mining has its ups and its downs, but one that looks to be clear is that this booming business is not going anywhere any time soon. With a nation that would like to become energy independent frac sand may be the key to open that door. The industry may have some people concerned about what some of the effects of all this frac sand mining may be, but as long as the demand continues to rise there will still be frac sand mining. The frac sand business has had the biggest impact in the Midwest, as the large amount of sandstone brings mining companies to the area. References MPR News. (2013, May 1). Retrieved September 17, 2013, from Frac Sand Minnesota: Development, W. D. (2011). Workforce Connections. Frac Sand
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