Fracking : A Modern Society Essay

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The problems we face as a modern society often puts us in a standoff between what is right and what is possible. Energy production, specifically the use of the Earth’s natural resources, is at the top of the list of contested subjects, with hoards of advocates and opponents on either side. One of the newest methods of natural gas energy production is a process called Hydraulic Fracturing, or fracking. This process uses large drills to create tunnels down into the earth’s crust and then introduces thousands of gallons of water and various chemicals to create horizontal cracks. Sands are pumped down next to hold the cracks open. Through these cracks, piping is inserted to collect the natural gas which is held inside. Repeated fracturing by oil and gas companies occurs as the resources are depleted. I poured over many articles and news reports in order to find out the truth about fracking. Proponents state that fracking is much less invasive than other fuel mining such as coal, and much less dangerous than nuclear. In fact, it does use much less energy to perform hydraulic fracturing than any other fuel resources available. However, after reviewing many studies on the effectiveness of fracking and reading reports of fracking issues, I feel that the use of fracking as a method of natural gas production is a grossly negligent process that has no place in modern society. The risks of improper fracking are known, the oil and gas companies arrogant, and the government is stuck
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