Fracking Affect The Community On A Local Level

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Introduction A.Many of the cars that drive by on the highway, the flame that heats dinner on the stove, and the electrical power that flow through homes share a common attribute: they are fueled by natural gas or oil, both of which are fundamental sources of energy in the US and are mined through the process of fracking. B.Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as fracking, is a method of oil and natural gas extraction used to release natural gas that can be converted into energy. A mixture of water, sand, and chemicals is injected into shale formations thousands of feet below the surface returning with an untapped flow either gas or oil. Essentially, it is a relatively inexpensive and increasingly common method of energy…show more content…
So much of the energy industry’s resources and funding is being directed toward fracking that the inevitable economic crash will be that much more catastrophic. H.evidence/reason: Alison Singer references a previous claim that states that the US has enough natural gas to supply industries with 100 years worth of energy. However, more recent studies in 2013 have shown that the US’s energy industry may only produce approximately 24 years of an adequate flow of energy with the steady consumption of fossil fuels. Citation: (Singer, Alison) I.analysis: It is likely that, with the rate of consumption of energy as it is, the equilibrium point of energy use and input costs will peak earlier than predicted, causing a disproportionate slide into debt. This will prove a serious economic disadvantage in the future as the national rate of production may plummet without a sustainable energy source. The US may not be able to compete with other fast-moving countries or even be able to profuse enough for their own nation’s needs. J.counter: Nonetheless, some supporters insist that the benefits of fracking outweigh its short shelf life. Professor Bruce McKenzie Everett points out that almost everything society needs to be productive hasan energy cost, which fracking provides at a comparatively low cost. citation: (Bambrick, Gail) While it is
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