Fracking : An Imminent Danger From Big Oil

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California faces an imminent danger from Big Oil. Big Oil wants to use millions of gallons of water and frack oil from Sacramento, my hometown, to Los Angeles. Fracking, also known as Hydraulic Fracturing, is a method of obtaining natural gas by drilling a hole into the ground and than injecting “water, sand, and a proprietary mix of chemicals into the shale fracturing the rock and releasing the natural gas, which is captured when it flows up and out of the hole (Mitka).” In the process millions of gallons of water are polluted and large amounts of air pollutants are released into the atmosphere. The ramifications on human health as a result of fracking is what causes most to worry. In the next four decades, fracking possesses dangers that directly affect human and animal health, the land, and our ecosystems. Fracking poses a lot of dangers to human and animal health. When I discovered that Big Oil is attempting to establish drilling locations near my hometown of Sacramento I was a bit disturbed. The negative effects of fracking on humans were even observed in a study done in Pennsylvania. The study showed that of the 41 products used in fracturing operations, “73% had between 6 and 14 different adverse health effects” (Mitka 2012). The adverse effects on humans included skin, eye and sensory organ damage, Respiratory distress, gastrointestinal tract and liver disease, brain and nervous system harms, cancers, and problems with reproduction. Many of these adverse effects are

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