Fracking And The Environmental Concerns

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Adrian Sanchez
Dr. Neil Anderson
GE 400 Special Problems

Fracking and the Environmental Concerns

Global energy needs are at an all time high and do not appear to be tapering off in the near future. Even with all the advancements of technology and the development of alternate renewable resources, fossil fuels continue to be the leading source to facilitate these energy needs. The magnitude and effort needed to shift the world to alternative sources of energy is monumental and each has huge barriers when compared to fossil fuels (Troy 34). Traditional means of extracting oil, coal, and natural gas have historically faced scrutiny from environmentalists and lawmakers due to the various potential hazards these resources present. In truth their efforts have not been in vain; in many of the first world nations the extraction of these resources has been regulated and therefore tailored to pose as little risk to the environment as possible. Hydraulic fracturing or fracking as it is commonly called is not a new method of resource extraction but by no means would it be considered traditional. It is commonly understood that there are no completely perfect methods of extracting fossil fuels no matter their chemical or physical makeup and the same is true of fracking. There are challenges associated with the human error factor just as there are in any other types of project development; these generally surround the construction and best business practices surrounding the
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