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Fracking and its major implications it has on the earth In today’s day and age, societies are a lot more aware of the environment and furthermore, concerned for the Earths sustainability. Although this is the case for most, Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) often target developing countries that are rich in resources and therefore take them for all they’ve got. One such example is fracking the earth, in order to extract natural gases that could potentially benefit corporations and contribute to their bottom line dramatically. Although this has it’s positives, the implications of fracking could have incredibly serious repercussions, particularly the preservation of the earth and it’s current resources. “Fracking” is the process in…show more content…
Ian Ratcliffe however, has an opposing view on this subject all together. He explains that the human society is a system that is large and complex and when one of the parts in a system changes, knock-on effects can be felt in many places. It is known that energy sources need to, by definition, produce more energy than what is used when extracting them. Ratcliffe explains that the consequences of extreme energy extraction such as fracking as weighty and overpowering. It is known that in the majority of cases, the greater the extraction, the greater damage done to the environment. The exploitation of fossil fuels is already a concerning process as it pumps carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, this contributing to the big issue of global warming, or cooling, however you choose to look at it. Fracking therefore allows for a lot more carbon to be burned and once again, be pumped into the atmosphere for further environmental destruction. Furthermore, Ian Ratcliffe justifies that through the process of fracking, there are numerous profound impacts that it would have on the environment. Water contamination and air pollution are two of the most prominent but detrimental issues that would follow. These would affect the health of the population, and therefore, the sick will fall. Fracking, according to Ian Ratcliffe would only lead to the destruction of our green and precious land as well as human impoverishment. He suggests that the world today needs to

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