Fracking For The Future. California Is The Third Largest

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Fracking for the Future
California is the third largest in fuel consumption on earth, behind the U.S. and all of China, and with this demand needing to be met and a diminishing supply of fossil fuels, comes the rise of a new revolution, natural gas. With the start of the industrial revolution came the beginning of the use of fossil fuels. Thus, making the United States overly dependent on a limited resource that was also harming our environment. Over the past few decade, nations around the world have realized that the finite amount of fossil fuels is coming to an end, and our need for alternative fuel and energy sources is growing. We have experimented with different types of resources, one of them being natural gas. Natural gas has been a
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Benjamin Sovacool explains in his article that over the period of twelve years, the United States shale gas production increased 24.5 times the amount it produced in 1998. From 0.2 trillion cubic feet to an enormous 4.9 trillion cubic feet. Natural gas is also a huge financial benefit to North America. Before this drastic increase of fracking and natural gas production, the United States imported a clear majority of its oil and energy sources from the Middle East. This caused the middle east to obtain a control over the United States economic situation. For example, the 1979 oil embargo caused by OPEC (organization of petroleum exporting countries). According to Kimberly Amadeo, their decision to increase oil prices by a meager ten percent, caused oil rationing in the United States and worsened the already declining economy at this time. Since the increase in fracking and natural gas production, the U.S. has become decreasingly reliant on imported energy sources. Richard Janson denotes, that the impact of this influx of cheap gas has had many positive impacts on not only the economics of the energy industry, but foreign policy and the United States domestic policy. With the downfall in the need for imports for energy and the rise of hydraulic

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