Fracking Of The United States

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Alexi Taylor Monday, December 1, 2014 Dr. Gray Final Paper Fracking in the United States Hydraulic fracking in the United States is a current environmental hazard that has to be addressed by the American people and by the federal government. Fracking in America has opened up millions of acres of lands that were once not economically viable to produce oil and gas. While the Bureau of land Management has paved the way for hydraulic fracturing on public lands, there is a need for retaliation. Fracking is a dirty method of extracting gases and oils at the price of numerous environmental, safety, and health hazards. The environment is not a means of income when rather it is the capital for future generations. Currently fracking is being disputed at state and federal levels. Farmers around the country have been affected by this issue where fracking companies disturb the surrounding environment to a point that nearby neighbors are affected so much where their drinking water becomes contaminated and undrinkable. Who becomes responsible to support these everyday farmers to contend against these well-off oil fracking companies? In some cases these farmers don’t have the resources to win the legal disputes against these large fracking barons. Small family farms are disappearing at a fast rate, and one more variable thrown in will make these small family farm disappear that much faster. Even if the victims were to triumph in one court case what happens after when they plug
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