Fracking Of The United States

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Jeremy D. Moore
Science 101
8 September, 2015

Fracking in The United States
Fracking is a term that is used as a shorthand term referring to hydraulic fracturing. This is a type of drilling used for oil and natural gas within the Earth. Fracking has been used commercially for the last 65 years in the U.S... With the new technology advances in the field along with advanced hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling is responsible for the U.S. surging in the oil and gas production.
Fracking is allowing the U.S. to tap in the vast oil and gas reserves that were previously locked in the shale and other tight-rock formations that were hard to get to. Using this process will also allow the U.S. to go back to older wells and stimulate
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Until we find a replacement for both oil and gas fracking will improve on our own resources.
Another reason is by using natural gas in making electricity instead of coal because coal emits a huge supply of carbon dioxide into the air. So by using natural gas instead of coal it would reduce air pollution as a whole.
Being able to increase our own supply would help the U.S. by allowing us not to be so dependent on foreign oil as we are now. Also with the population of the U.S. still growing and the increase of drivers in the states it would pay to be able to have more domestic sources for the oil we consume.
Even though fracking impedes on the ability of the U.S. of its dependency of the natural resources. With companies being ability of fracking it lowers the taxes on the oil and natural gases consumers use daily. It also helps ease the minds of everyone knowing there is a domestic supply of both resources.
Techniques of the way normal drilling is done it does not produce the same results as fracking does when getting oil and gas out of the Earth. Fracking is important in the states because we are looking for more unconventional oil and natural gas resources and by drilling at those type of sites is less helpful than fracking due to fracking maximizes the return on the investment. While fracking has very good production in gathering the resources need not all things are good about fracking.
The main conflict between
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