Fracking Operations : The Chief Executive Officer Of Eqt Corporation

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As the Chief Executive Officer of EQT Corporation, the decision to shut down down hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) operations or not gives rise to a defining moment. Regardless of the decision I make, some stakeholders will benefit and others will be made worse off which creates a “no right answer” situation. However, a decision must be made, and in this case, I would not cease fracking operations. Through continued fracking operations, EQT will be able to return wealth to shareholders, provide jobs to employees and produce cheaper gas for consumers while only causing minor negative externalities to local residents. This decision not only makes business sense, but it also appeals to my core values of responsibility, loyalty and efficiency. To start, as a corporation with shareholders, I have the responsibility to return as much wealth to my shareholders as possible. By continuing fracking operations, the company will see a growth in revenue which will in turn allow for investors to see a return on their invested capital. If the well was to be shut down, shareholders would see their investment in the company sitting idle and begin to use exit and voice which could be detrimental to the company’s success. Second, as the CEO, I also have the duty to be loyal to those who depend on me for their livelihood. The employees that work at the fracking well depend on the company to provide for them and their families. Simply put, I must to be loyal to them. In keeping the well

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