Fracking Outline Essay

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Natalia Nelson 6661318 Environmental Studies Section: Friday @ 2:00 with Jason Linn Fracking: The Invention of the Century or Destructive New Technology? Introduction: Possible quote – someone who supports the processs. Possible story: some analogy of something that was a good, necessary idea but just put off the inevitable and had a negative affect than fix it. Need for energy, how new ideas are necessary But is fracking really the best option? Public eye, people here about fracking a lot. But is it really a “QUOTE AGAIN”, or something completely different entirely? Thesis: Hydraulic fracturing is not “the energy solution to the future” (Johnson). Through an in depth look at the current energy crisis, a detailed study of…show more content…
Natural gas (methane) or oil flows out of the cracks and up to surface 3. Hydrocarbons 4. Methane gas III. Environmental Effects: (Fry) b. Legal issues: vi. 2005- Congress passed bill exempting companies using fracking from laws under Environmental Protection Act vii. laws violated include: Clean Air Act, Clean Water, Safe Drinking Water Act viii. Why would fracking need to be exempt from these laws unless it was unsafe? c. Drinking water contamination ix. Six states in 2006 documented contaminated drinking water as direct result of fracking x. Water out of taps dirty xi. Unsafe to drink xii. Fire out of faucet-alit “Today’s methods make gas drilling a filthy business. You know it’s bad when nearby residents can light the water coming out of their tap on fire” (Schweiger). d. Increase of small earthquakes xiii. Cite specific example e. Chemicals in fluid: (Stevens) xiv. Include methanol, tetramethyl ammonium chloride, potassium hydroide, ammonium, ethylene glycol, ammonium persulfate xv. Or, more commonly: methane gas, ammonia, arsenic, chloromethane, iron, manganese, t-butyl alcohol, toluene. (Bradford County) xvi. Discuss individual effects of these (or maybe in health section) xvii. Some companies use of chemicals are regulated while others are
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