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Newer Sources of Fossil Oil in North America (Favoring Production of Oil Sands and Opposing the Production of Tar Sands) Discovery about Tar/ Oil Sands Tar/ Oil sands are very important for determining the energy requirements of any country. Today we highly depend on the energy resources and could not succeed without considerable energy resources available to us to meet our daily production needs. Fossil fuels which are based on coal, natural gas, renewable, nuclear and oil are the main sources of energy in this highly competitive world depending on these energy sources. The major part of the world’s energy needs is met by using fossil fuels which are proved to be the abundant sources of energy necessary for the development of modern…show more content…
In North America, tar sands are available in Alberta, Canada which is their vast oil deposits and they are considered top crude oil supplier in the United States, Saudi Arabia is the second largest supplier. When the oil is squeezed out of the tar sand, becomes a very wasteful process with 2 to 4 tons of tar sand and 2 to 4 barrels of water to produce just a single barrel of oil. It is examined that in mining tar sands larger amount of carbon dioxide is released in the air to convert it into gasoline than typical oil production which is the greatest disadvantages of this oil producing system. Furthermore, the tar sand mining process takes place in the boreal forest which is considered as relatively untouched ecosystem well-known for its one of its own biodiversity. Tar oils represent around three trillion barrels of oil around the world but majority of sand bitumen is too deep under the ground that its recovery with today’s mining technology is very difficult (Cristen Conger, 2011, page 1). Adding personal thoughts and feelings Tar/ Oil sands are definitely another alternate source of energy because energy sources have become a vital point in the economic development of every country. In North American region, efforts should be made to discover and identify new sources of tar/ oil sands to cope with everyday energy needs. On the one hand, oil or tar separation from sands is very crucial to meet expanding energy needs of North America, but on the other hand it is

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