Fracking Process Analysis

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Fracking is a process whereby fluid, which consists of huge amounts of water and 3- 12 chemicals, is injected underground at high pressure to crack open shale rock, which releases natural gas or oil trapped in the shale (A. Prud’homme, 2014). Fracking is being considered across South Africa, particularly in the Karoo Basin (Times Live, 2017). Although fracking is a good source of energy it also controversial because it is argued that the process may cause small earth tremors which could, in the long run, result to earthquakes (BBC News, 2015). South Africa is a water scarce country and water in the Karoo is under continuous stress due to pollution and depletion (Times live, 2017). This than implies that in South Africa fracking could cause huge loss of…show more content…
However, it is good to consider the fact that fracking would significantly reduce South Africa’s carbon footprint and provide cost-competitive energy security (News24, 2017). This would also be a good opportunity to create jobs in South Africa. The government’s studies pointed a possibility of 3000 jobs that could come out of the project (News24, 2017). It is also argued that even though the process is expensive to create once done one well can be fracked 10 or more times (F.R. Spellman, 2012). Personally I think that other ways of creating energy, that don’t involve the disruption of natural resources, should be used in order for us to ensure that no carbon footprint is left on the atmosphere. Fracking due to the water crises in South Africa should not be used. References BBC News (2015) What is fracking and why is it controversial? [Online]. Available: . (23 May 2017) News24 (2017) Fracking in the Karoo is not a done deal. [Online]. Available: the-karoo- is-not- a-done-
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