Fracking Regulations Should Be Improved

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Tony Ho
Advanced English 2
20 March 2015
Fracking Regulations Need to be Improved Natural gas has been hailed as the solution to the U.S energy problem, but is obtained by the controversial method of fracking. Hydraulic fracking is the process of pumping a mix of water, sand, and chemicals at high pressure to make openings in shale that contain natural gas. The fracking process allows natural gas to be obtained, but at a cost. The use of toxic chemicals can affect the surrounding environment and contaminant water sources. Current regulations have not kept up with the drilling industry. Regulations for fracking should be improved to protect against the use of toxic chemicals, contaminating water sources, and to limit strains on the environment. Toxic chemicals used in fracking need to be disclosed to allow for better monitoring and regulations. Drilling operations use chemicals in their water to allow for better flow and to obtain natural gas. These chemicals can be carcinogenic and need to be disclosed to the public so people know what is being used and injected into the ground (“Serious Risks of Fracking”). The chemicals used in fracking are toxic and need to be disposed of safely. Regulations on waste disposal also need to be updated to keep up with the gas and oil industry (“Fracking”). Toxic chemicals used in fracking can also leak and pollute the air which can cause difficulty breathing and severe headaches. The methane that is also extracted can leak and

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